Many parents want their child’s photos to be perfect and show their prettiest side. They try to give them a specific pose to follow so that the picture will look better. However, many children don’t like to be restricted. They want to sleep when they’re tired, eat when they’re hungry, and play with the toys they want. Pictures are taken to save memories, so shouldn’t they express the most realistic side of your child? If they normally eat really messy with sauce all over their faces, capturing this would be more memorable than letting them pretend to eat and trying to capture the perfect photo. Looking back at these types of photos is pointless when it doesn’t display an authentic side of your child. The most valuable way to document one’s progression is to save real-life moments; I capture key moments that express the most genuine emotions one experiences at the time.

This is my 2-year-old son, Dylan, and here it shows the story of how my son has been growing up. I plan to record his childhood by capturing all the precious moments of his development.


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