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Karen&Quino | Wedding at the Cathedral of Christ the Light (Oakland, CA)

What are the challenges when it comes to planning a wedding in 2020? There are many, and many couples would agree to this!

Karen and Quino were determined to get married, and one of their biggest challenges was making sure they find a venue that would allow a ceremony to happen during Covid. They couldn't finalize a location until the last week before their wedding -- close call!

I've never photographed at a more beautiful church than the Cathedral of Christ the Light, located in Oakland, California. The architecture was breathtaking, the lighting was just perfect, and the location gave a futuristic sense. When you walk inside, the walls and floors are either wooden or cement. It has such a simple yet intricate look and feel.

The couple couldn't have the ceremony inside, because of the Covid-19 pandemic where large gatherings could not happen indoors. They held the ceremony outdoor, and there was enough space for all their guests. This worked out perfectly.

The other challenge was finding a venue for the wedding reception. Many couples had their original site booked, but they either have to cancel or relocate to another during 2020. And that was the same for Karen and Quino. Our couple was determined, and they started searching all over the Bay Area for a venue for the reception after their initial plan didn't go through. With determination, they went from Palm Event Center in Pleasanton to relocating to another beautiful location, the Léal Vineyard and Winery, located in Hollister, California.

Towards the end of the night, I realized that nothing could stop a determined couple, especially Karen and Quino, from having their wedding day.

The pleasure was all mine to be part of their journey during this special time we're living in.

Second photographer: Ian Chin (ianchinphotography,com)

Ceremony Venue: Cathedral of Christ the Light, located in Oakland, California

Reception Venue: Léal Vineyard and Winery, Hollister, California



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