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Our Favorite Engagement Session Location in San Francisco

Storytellers use images to tell their stories, not words -- that's us at Siliang Photography.

Why is it important and recommended to have an engagement session?

As a documentary wedding storyteller, I love to start telling the couple's love story with the engagement photographs. And not to mention, having an engagement session is highly recommended. During an engagement shoot, the atmosphere is relaxed and the pressure is limited, compared to the actual wedding day.

During the session, our couples have more flexibility to choose a location they enjoy, a place that reminds them of why and how they fell in love. Also for me, it's a time when I get to introduce my style to the couple.

Because there are no pressure and time constraints for both myself and the couple, we all get to relax and enjoy the session and just have fun. We get to do creative shots and try to get a few unique photographs to show their guests during the wedding day.

What's our favorite location in San Francisco to do an engagement session?

If a couple asks me to suggest a place for an engagement photo session in San Francisco, I will definitely say our favorite place is Fort Point National Historic Site. It's a place with history, and it is simply beautiful!

I fell in love with this place when I first came here. The unique location and architecture of the building make the light here wonderful, and the walls with red brick look ancient and industrial. Standing on the top floor, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge's red iron pillars up close, which is breathtaking.

I've been here many times, but I still get something different every single time. Best part? They always allow you to take wedding photo and engagement photos here for free!



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