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I am Siliang, a photographer, freelancer, artist, and also a husband and father of two, with a son and a daughter.

Since childhood, I have been immersed in the world of photography because my father used to be a photographer who ran a film developing shop. Under his influence, I started engaging with photography at a very young age and gradually developed a strong interest in it. However, despite my passion for photography, I am an introverted and shy person who doesn't enjoy being photographed. Therefore, I prefer to play the role of the photographer behind the camera.

Initially, I just took photos aimlessly of various subjects until my wife and I got married and needed to find a photographer. Having participated in many friends' weddings, where photographers often acted as "directors" to capture the best shots, we, both introverts, disliked being scripted like a play. When we received our wedding photos, although the photographer had taken many fantastic portraits, it was the one below that became our favorite wedding photo after more than a decade.







Besides working as a wedding photographer, I now take photos of my family almost every day.

As time goes by, my photography skills continue to improve. I have started combining my photography techniques with the concept of capturing nature, authenticity, and undisturbed moments, striving to create the most genuine, heartwarming, and emotionally rich wedding photos for couples. I believe photography is a unique language, a language of conveying emotions, which can be shared not only with others but also with our future selves.


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