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Elaine&Mike | Elopement Utica Lake, CA

The more elopements I shoot, the more I understand why it's such a good decision for those that are not a fan of big, elaborate, traditional weddings.

Elopement is perfect for those that truly want the day to celebrate the two hearts in a place that means a lot to them. Weddings are meant to celebrate the two hearts, and sometimes, the bigger the wedding, the more complicated it can be.

If you're someone who's ready to move on to the next big adventures with your partner but isn't excited about planning, coordinating and hosting a big 'party' then perhaps elopement is a choice to consider.

If elopement is what you want to do, do it with all your heart! Go all out, do the things that make the two hearts dance. Hire the best photographer you've been eyeing. Wear that one outfit that makes you both feel sexy. Do the things that bring absolute joy to you and your partner. Go as far as you like or as close as you desire. After all, your elopement is a day for you and your love to celebrate each other.



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