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Xia&Ze | Destination Wedding

I went mountain climbing in Tibet 15 years ago and met a local Tibetan and became friends. I didn't expect to travel thousands of miles 15 years later to photography his cousin's wedding -- a beautiful, very traditional Tibetan wedding. It was located in the Tibetan area of Sichuan Province, China. The altitude was more than 3000 meters up here!

As a destination wedding photographer, I love to travel to these beautiful, secluded locations to capture marriage traditions that we don't get to see too often. Going to places like this one always surprises me and inspires me to document their love story.

Like every love story, there's a whole story of how they got here. Same for the photographer -- there's a story of how I got here. The flight was 11-hours long from San Francisco, California, to Chengdu, China. Then another 10 hours by car to reach the mountain. It's snowing here, but the air is so fresh!

As a destination wedding photographer, I have photographed hundreds of weddings. But this was the first time I saw such a wedding! The bride, groom, and guests were dressed up in traditional clothes filled with vibrant colors, and the ceremony was held in the cold, yet beautiful, snowy mountains. There were approximately 500 guests, and the food was prepared by relatives and friends. Being able to document this wedding was beautiful, and it felt perfect.

Now, let's celebrate!

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