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Siliang Photography is based in San Jose, California. We are Bay Area documentary-style wedding photographers that travel all over San Francisco Bay Area down to Southern California regularly.  We also enjoy doing destination weddings!


Our specialty is documentary storytelling through our photos and to allow the day to happen naturally. We are a multi-award winning wedding photographers for our style. We are experienced professionals who love colors and unique traditions and love cultural weddings, such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Moroccan, Jewish, Western, and many more.


We chase moments and capture pictures that accurately reflect the reality, which naturally contains laughter and tears. It is our job to change the ordinary into a beautiful piece of art with deep emotions connected to it. The best part of being one of the best wedding photographers in San Francisco is capturing those real and raw moments for our couples.


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Whether it's an elopement for two, pre-wedding for 25, a traditional wedding for 500 or a non-traditional wedding for your whole extended family, we understand that every wedding is unique in its own way.


By being your documentary wedding photographer, we hope to learn and know exactly how you want your day to be. We want to know what you value. We want to capture what's important to you. Our job is to take the pressure away and do what we can to make sure our couples can breathe, relax, and enjoy their day.

We are ready for all types of weddings. Whether your wedding is at the beach, in the mountains, in your backyard, or simply at the beautiful San Francisco City Hall, as your wedding photographer, we are here for you.

We love and truly enjoy engagement sessions, it might even be our favorite session to do! It's a day for the couple and the photographer to just have fun with no pressure of making it a 'perfect' day.


We believe the best photos are when our clients are relaxed, and they're just enjoying themselves -- that's our secret to capturing their genuine love and personality. Posing is minimal with us because those tend to produce stiff pictures.


We believe in creating lively, natural, raw photos for you. That's why engagement sessions are important and fun!


During this time, our client gets to share their love story with us, and we get to learn what's important to them. As the wedding photographer, we get to share our photography style with our clients before we move to the big wedding day. It's a perfect opportunity for the couple and photographer to get to know each other.


International Award Winning Wedding Photographer

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Contact us If you have questions or want to learn more of what we can do for you.



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