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Siliang Photography
Documentary Style Photographer

Welcome to Siliang Photography - Bay Area Documentary Wedding Photographers

Siliang Photography is based in the picturesque Bay Area, San Jose, California. We are renowned Bay Area wedding photographers known for our documentary-style approach, and we regularly extend our services to clients from the San Francisco Bay Area down to Southern California. Additionally, we have a deep passion for capturing destination weddings!

Siliang Photography Style:

Siliang photography style is distinctive, emphasizing authenticity, emotion, and storytelling. We focus on capturing those everyday moments filled with warmth and emotion, ensuring they become everlasting memories. Photography serves as a means of conveying emotions, whether to others or to our future selves. Each photograph marks the beginning of a story, a vessel of emotions. We are committed to capturing these moments through our lens, making them eternal memories.


Why Choose Siliang Photography:

If you're in search of wedding photographers who value and respect weddings, carry sincerity, and excel at capturing the authenticity and warmth of life, Siliang Photography is ready to offer professional services. Please feel free to reach out to us, and let's collaboratively document the unique story of your wedding. We eagerly anticipate being witnesses to this significant moment in your life.


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Preserving Moments: Honoring Life through Wedding Photography

We firmly believe that the essence of wedding photography is to serve the wedding while transforming precious moments of life into everlasting memories. A wedding is a part of life, and documenting the wedding is, in essence, documenting life.

We forever approach weddings with respect and sincerity. We never create stories; we merely observe and record objective events. We don't "redo" or "pretend" instead, we respect the wedding and the happiness it represents. Wedding photography should not lose its essence; it should remain genuine, untouched by direction or standardization.

Great wedding photography is a perfect blend of the photographer's on-the-spot perception and photographic artistry. It involves subjective reflection transformed into visual displays of objective existence. Simultaneously, it carries a touch of "documentary" value, serving as a significant family record. Our photography is a commitment, a record, and a sincere tribute to happiness and life.

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