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What do we do?

Siliang Photography is based in San Francisco, Bay Area. However, we can go to any destination weddings and are available worldwide. We specialize in documentary storytelling photography and allow things happen naturally. We chase moments and capture photos that accurately reflect the reality, which naturally contains laughter and tears. It is our job to change the ordinary into an aesthetic piece of art with deep emotions connected to it. The best part of being a wedding photographer is being able to capture real moments and allowing the unique personality of the couple to shine through their photos.


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Every wedding is unique and has their own special meaning behind it. I hope couples can enjoy their special day and do what they like. My job will be focused on capturing the perfect moment that is most memorable for the couple. When you look back at your pictures, emotions from your wedding day will come rushing back to you. What you'll recall are the actual events and feelings you encountered during the day, and not what the photographer had told you to do.

Engagement sessions are a good opportunity for me as photography to better understand your needs and preferences. In addition, you will also be more familiar with my style before I shoot photos for you on your special day. Shooting the engagement session is my favorite because having a loving couple in front of the camera inspires me to make more artistic and romantic photos. The natural interaction between the couple best expresses their genuine love and personality; too many poses and requirements for the couple produces stiff pictures, and I prefer more creative and lively photos. Therefore, I won't put too many restrictions on the couple during the engagement session.

Many parents want their child’s photos to be perfect and show their prettiest side. They try to give them a specific pose to follow so that the picture will look better. However, many children don’t like to be restricted. They want to sleep when they’re tired, eat when they’re hungry, and play with the toys they want. Pictures are taken to save memories, so shouldn’t they express the most realistic side of your child? If they normally eat really messy with sauce all over their faces, capturing this would be more memorable than letting them pretend to eat and trying to capture the perfect photo. Looking back at these types of photos is pointless when it doesn’t display an authentic side of your child. The most valuable way to document one’s progression is to save real-life moments; I capture key moments that express the most genuine emotions one experiences at the time.

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